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TONGSHI GROUP specialized in self-developing, designing and producing according to customer’s drawings and samples in vehicle thermal system industry .


There are over 50 technical personnel of various types, including 5 technical personnel with senior technical titles and 10 technical personnel with intermediate technical titles. Professional R&D team can meet the different product needs of customers .


The customization process of an automotive radiator typically involves the following steps:

Determine requirements: Firstly, communicate with the customer to identify their specific needs and requirements. This includes information about the vehicle type, size, power requirements, operating environment, and more. Understanding the customer's requirements forms the basis for customizing the radiator.


Design and engineering analysis: Based on the customer's requirements, the designer will begin the radiator design process. This includes selecting appropriate materials, determining the number and shape of heat-dissipating fins, sizing and layout of the radiator, and other aspects. Engineers will also conduct fluid dynamics analysis and thermodynamic calculations to ensure the design meets the heat dissipation requirements.


Sample fabrication: Once the design is complete, we typically produces a sample radiator. This allows for validation of the design feasibility and effectiveness. The sample radiator undergoes testing and evaluation under actual conditions to ensure its performance meets the requirements.


Customized production: Once the sample radiator passes testing and the customer is satisfied, the manufacturer will begin customized production of the radiator. The production process will involve material selection, processing, assembly, and quality control, among other steps, based on the customer's order and requirements.


Quality inspection and testing: During the production process, the radiator undergoes rigorous quality inspection and testing. These tests may include performance testing, leak testing, durability testing, and more, to ensure the radiator meets the design requirements and quality standards.


Delivery and installation: After the customized production is complete, the radiator is delivered to the customer. Depending on the needs, the manufacturer or technical personnel may assist the customer with radiator installation and calibration to ensure proper functioning.


Get the perfect custom car radiator tailored to your vehicle's specific needs. Our skilled experts design and manufacture high-quality custom car radiators, ensuring optimal cooling performance and engine efficiency. Contact us now to customize the radiator for your car!

Custom Car Radiator


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