FORD AT9522/A9513 L6 14.9L 97-98MT

Product information
TS NO.: 68011
MODELS:FORD AT9522/A9513 L6 14.9L 97-98MT
CORE SIZE:915*978
OEM: 140052W/A0520659003/A4726/A4738/B7473/BHTC2237

Truck radiators are commonly used in the following countries:

United States: The United States is one of the largest truck markets globally, and trucks play a crucial role in the country's logistics and transportation industry. Truck radiators are extensively used in the American truck market to ensure proper engine functioning and efficient heat dissipation.

European countries: European countries also have developed truck markets. Germany, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom are important truck manufacturing and usage countries in Europe. Truck radiators are widely employed in these countries as integral components of truck cooling systems to meet the demands of long-haul transportation and heavy-duty operations.

Japan: Japan is also a significant truck market, with numerous well-known truck manufacturers. Truck radiators are extensively utilized in various truck models in Japan, including heavy-duty freight trucks, construction trucks, and logistics trucks.

China: China is one of the world's largest truck markets, with trucks playing a vital role in the country's logistics and transportation sector. Truck radiators are widely used in the Chinese truck market to meet the cooling needs of long-distance transportation and operational requirements.


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