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JIMNY 1.3I 98- AT

Product information
TS NO.: 86043
CORE SIZE: 375×438
OEM: 17700-80A11/81A11

When a car radiator is damaged, whether to repair it or replace it with a new one depends on the specific situation. Consider the following factors:

1. Extent of damage: If the radiator has only minor cracks or leaks, it may be possible to repair it. However, if the radiator fins are severely clogged or damaged, replacing it with a new one might be a better option.

2. Age and condition of the radiator: If the radiator has been in use for a long time or has been repaired multiple times, replacing it with a new one may be more reliable and durable.

3. Cost of repair vs. replacement: Repairing the radiator may be a relatively inexpensive option, while replacing it with a new one may require more investment. When considering costs, factor in the price of the radiator and labor costs.

4. Value and expected lifespan of the vehicle: If your vehicle is already old and not expected to be used for much longer, repairing the radiator may be a more economical choice. However, if the vehicle has a high value and a longer expected lifespan, replacing the radiator may be more meaningful.

In conclusion, you should evaluate the extent of radiator damage, the age and condition of the radiator, the cost of repair versus replacement, and the value and expected lifespan of the vehicle to determine whether to repair or replace the radiator. It is best to consult with a professional automotive technician before making a decision.

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