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TOURAN 1.6/2.0 03- MT

Product information
TS NO.: 93012
MODELS: TOURAN 1.6/2.0 03- MT
CORE SIZE: 650×388
OEM: 1K0.121.251P/F/E

It is difficult to determine which country has a higher saturation of car radiators based on market demand and the development of the automotive industry. However, some automotive manufacturing powerhouses such as China, the United States, Germany, and Japan have relatively high demand for car radiators. These countries have large automotive markets and developed automotive manufacturing industries, resulting in significant demand for car radiators. Additionally, emerging markets such as India and Brazil are experiencing rapid growth in the automotive market, leading to an increasing demand for car radiators. While the aforementioned countries may have relatively high saturation of car radiators, the specific situation would still require a detailed analysis based on market dynamics and industrial development in each country.

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