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TS NO.: 75504
CORE SIZE:600×348
OEM: 16400-0D220

The clamping of the water chamber is a crucial step in the manufacturing process of an automotive radiator, ensuring the sealing between the water chamber and other components of the radiator.

The water chamber is a section of the radiator, typically located at the top or bottom, that connects the inlet and outlet pipes and serves as the entry and exit point for the coolant.

During the clamping process of the water chamber, the following general steps are involved:

Preparation: Prepare the radiator and the corresponding connecting components, including the inlet and outlet pipes.

Installation of connecting components: Insert the inlet and outlet pipes into their respective positions, ensuring alignment with the connection points on the radiator.

Clamping the water chamber: Use specialized tools or mechanical equipment to tightly secure the water chamber cover or top cover to the main body of the radiator. This typically involves placing the cover above or below the radiator and securing it through clamping or bolting to ensure a seal.

Testing for sealing: Perform a sealing test to ensure the quality of the clamped water chamber. This can be done through pressure testing or other appropriate methods to verify the sealing between the water chamber and the radiator.

By properly clamping the water chamber, it ensures that the coolant flows within the radiator without any leakage or loss of pressure. This is an essential step in ensuring the proper functioning and effective heat dissipation of the radiator.




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